Feb 28 | Unsure | ACV | Toronto Baby Photographer

This is Baby's face when he visits somewhere for the first time.  He crawls tentatively around, looking back often at me to make sure I'm still there.  So cute.

5D  50mm  f1.6  1/125  iso320

He's actually been here before but since we missed the last few weeks he's forgotten - we're at Orange Dot, a centre for prenatal, postnatal, preschool and summer camp programs.

On another note, do any of you take apple cider vinegar regularly?  I mean, not straight from the bottle but a Tbsp or two diluted in a glass of water?  I've come across a few blogs and articles over the past few months praising its magical powers:  clears up acne, reduces bloating, makes hair shinier, gives skin a glow, reduces bumps and blemishes on your body (e.g. upper arms), etc. etc. etc.  Is this stuff for real?  

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