Jan 23 | Happy Chinese New Year | B&W

Last night we had family over for dinner to celebrate the eve of Chinese New Year.  It was really lovely seeing everyone and catching up.  As I was sitting and listening to everyone chat, I couldn't help but notice how young all of my aunts look - they're all in their 50s.  It's like they haven't aged in all the years I've known them.  Husband's got this theory that all Chinese people either look young or old.  Never in between.  I think he's got something there.  At least, it's true with my mom's side of the family.  I hope I have those genes.

Here's my black and white photo for today: (we don't usually have the tv on when Baby's around so he was mesmerized when we had it on for guests!)

5D  50mm  f1.8  1/125  iso800

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