Jan 17 | Give the Dog A Break

I feel for our 16-year-old dog.  He's no longer the cutest in the family.  No one competes to go and walk him.  He's partially blind and deaf, and can only eat food that has been softened by a soak in water.  Despite all of this he's still the happy, hyper (although not as often), yappy little guy he's always been.  And he's a dream with Baby.  Baby wants to eat his food?  Fine with him.  Play with his water?  No problem.  Pull his hair to wake him from a nap?  Sure.  I love that little fur ball.

Here I'm just playing with a more purpley tone in the black and white conversion.  Not sure I like it.

5D  50mm  f1.6  1/160  iso800
5D  50mm  f1.6  1/160  iso800

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